The book 'Oleńka' is a harrowing tale that offers a surprisingly physical experience that keeps the pages turning effortlessly.  The author shows real talent and it shines out in her gripping memoirs.

Michael Kimberley
Daily Dispatch
‘Thank you for this precious inspiration! – Oleńka:  The simple style carries a moving tale of suffering, endurance and survival through unimagined situations, straight to the heart.  This woman’s capacity to extract enrichment of the soul from unspeakably inhumane treatment; and then to offer forgiveness, gives a glimpse into a different way of being.  Our stressed response to looming work deadlines and hooting taxis recedes into a truer perspective.  This book is truly a gift.’

Jean Fielding (Psychology lecturer at Fort Hare University)
Fort Hare University
‘The story of Oleńka, is an unpretentious account by a Polish political prisoner of her experience of Nazi concentration camps and death marches.  It is a welcome addition to the genre of Holocaust memoirs, and it shows that the Jews were not the only victims of Hitler’s regime.’

Prof. Gary Baines (History lecturer at Rhodes University)
Rhodes University