Oleńka’s Stories

Although these stories are a work of fiction, they are often based on actual experiences from people and events which I have come across during my life.  I have travelled through space and time; from the days of the Nazi Holocaust to the days of peace and tranquillity in the African bush; from the ruins of great European cities to the dilapidated shacks in South African townships.  These events have served as a source of inspiration as I have lived through each of these stories in my mind.  The stories contain a number of different emotions, but in all of them, there is Love.


May 2010

Comments about the book –

‘Oleńka’s Stories’ are a kaleidoscope of short accounts exploring different themes under the general umbrella of love.  These semi-fictional love related stories were written during times of war and peace.  They are inspiring, moving and highly addictive gems which explore the tender aspects of the human psyche using simple narratives.

Michael Knott – Pharmacist